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The new strategic partnership between Microsoft and Adobe has great impact on the digital experience for your customers.


With interactions in the customer journey becoming increasingly digital, we notice that organization are challenged by the question how they can continue to deliver great customer experiences. We are therefore delighted with the new strategic partnership of Adobe and Microsoft. 

The combined power of Dynamics 365 CRM and Adobe Experience Cloud is the ultimate solution for our customers in delivering great digital experiences. The Adobe Experience Cloud gives organizations everything they need to deliver a well-designed, personal and consistent experience that delights customers at every touchpoint.

The key message of the Adobe Marketing Summit in May 2017 was that rapid advances in technology are changing the buyer- and engagement patterns of our customers and consumers. Your customer is in the driver’s seat: they decide what, when and how they want your product or service. It’s not just about the product or service anymore: it is about the entire customer experience. A great experience does not only save time (it is not all about efficiency), but it mainly maximizes the time your customers will spend with your brand. Companies that are catering to this idea are disrupting the status quo. 

Preserving the status quo is not a strategy Shantanu Narayen | Adobe Marketing Summit 2017

A great experience is context based. To determine the context, data within Dynamics 365 CRM and other sources needs to be leveraged. Data allows you get to the bottom of your customers’ needs and provide them with a subsequent experience. Regardless of your type of customer interaction, you want to provide personalized content. It is about delivering the right content at the right time and in the right place.

Four principles for delivering great digital experiences, from your customer’s point of view:

  • Know me and respect me: anticipate and deliver the experience I wants, even before I asked for it. Consider and respect my privacy while you’re at it.
  • Speak in one voice: be consistent, always relevant and always in context
  • Make technology transparent: the medium is not the message, the experience is. Focus on the end-result, not the process.
  • Delight me at every turn: take every opportunity to surprise and delight me, at every touchpoint.

CRM Partners is an official partner of Adobe. With the Adobe Experience Cloud, we help our customers to become loved by their customers by enabling them to deliver great digital experiences. Do you want to know more about our partnership? Send me an email and I’d be happy to help.



Jordy is our marketing Practice Manager. He helps customers create personal and relevant customer experiences.