Your market is under a lot of pressure. Fierce price competition and the emergence of innovative players on the market force you to keep distinguishing yourself from the rest. One of the possibilities to do so is by providing service. Not just service, but extremely good customer service. This creates loyal customers and ambassadors. CRM Partners turns your company into a Customer Engagement company by letting you excel in customer focus at all stages of the customer journey.

It all starts with good customer data. Understanding of the behavior and the needs of the customer enables you to serve them better. It can even lead to important and sometimes essential innovations.
CRM Partners helps you to collect data by using Microsoft technology, and together we optimize all customer processes. We make sure customers have easy access to relevant information through self-service. And we provide all employees with tools to serve customers as well and quickly as possible.

What can the utilities team do for you? 

We know the utility market and its processes well. We give you specific advice in the area of technology, strategy and change management. This combination makes every organization excel in customer focus. Think of:

  • A 360-degree customer view 
  • Registration of relations and insight into the entire chain
  • Knowledge sharing on platforms through portals and networks
  • Integration of self-service, chatbots and other contact channels
  • Optimization of logistics (for example through planning, locators and field service
  • Applications of Big Data, Business Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Interaction with campaigns, newsletters, social media, events and contact centers
  • Increased customer loyalty by optimization of Customer Engagement
  • Adoption of technology by employees and customers through the use of change management


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