The agri market professionalizes at a tremendous pace. Farmers and growers want good service and they want it now. As a supplier, you like to be able to respond to customized adhoc needs. You try and do everything to meet the wishes of your customers. We help to transform agri and food companies from product-oriented into customer-oriented organizations. In fact, we make your customers love you.

The rapid development of technologies, together with globalization and changing customer needs, means that competitive advantage in the agri and food chain is only temporary. To stay ahead of your competitors, innovation is essential. You therefore need well-organized customer data that provides you with insight into your relationships and the opportunity to make them stronger. In addition, it enables you to continuously innovate your business model based on the wishes of your customers. CRM Partners helps you with this transformation; together we develop a future-proof Customer Engagement strategy, supported by Microsoft technology.

What can the Agricultural team do for you?

We know the agricultural sector and its processes well. We give you specific advice in the area of technology, strategy and change management. This combination makes every organization excel in customer focus. Think of:

  • Registration of relations and insight into the entire chain
  • Insight into contact moments through all channels
  • Knowledge sharing on platforms through portals and networks
  •  Commercial insight into R&D activities and profits
  • Optimization of logistics (for example with planning, locators and field service)
  • Applications of Big Data, Business Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Interaction with campaigns, newsletters, social media, events and contact centers
  • Advice on account-based marketing, social-selling and sales intelligence
  • Adoption of technology by employees and customers through the use of change management


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