You have taken your first step towards your new job. You might be looking for a specific vacancy, or you are just curious about what we have to offer. Whatever your reason is, we love to show you who we are and explain who we are looking for. 


The first step to your new job is taken! Are you actively searching for a new challenge or just curious about what we have to offer? Whatever the reason is, we like to show you who we are and what we are looking for. 

Caroline | Transformation consultant

"CRM Partners has 100% confidence in all employees. You get all the space to discover, make mistakes, learn to develop the course and to grow within the organization. But above all, and I think that's the most important, it's a nice employer with a good atmosphere and lots of fun."

Thomas | Software Engineer

"The informal atmosphere, challenging assignments and a range of different types of customers makes CRM Partners a fun place to work. CRM Partners puts a lot of effort into the personal development of employees and success is shared by organizing team activities and company parties."

Heidi | Office Manager

"It's just fun to work here, you're faced with new challenges and you learn something new, we do everything we do together, you're never alone and there's always a listening ear."