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Team Goal, Release Wave, Customer Service


Professional and personal improvement is, as part of our core value "Improving", one of the central elements of CRM Partners' corporate culture. In this sense, our colleagues from the delivery department are continuously focusing on personal tasks and goals in addition to their customer projects.

As of this year, these goals are aligned with the semi-annual Release Waves for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. Our colleagues organize themselves into teams and work with their team mates on exactly those topics that interest them and contribute to their professional development. In addition, the so-called "team goals" strengthen the build-up and transfer of knowledge within the company in the long term. Thanks to the alignment to the Release Waves, we are always up to date with the latest Microsoft technology. Accordingly, our CRM Consultants Marcel and Louis, with support from the Delivery Support team run by Manuela, took a closer look at the innovations in Dynamics 365 Field Service. 

Next generation schedule board experience

  • Possible to handle scheduling scenarios with Drag & Drop (hourly view)
  • Biggest win of this feature is to make scheduling and using of resources easier and faster, used by dispatchers

Team Goal Wave 1 Customer Service

 Resource scheduling dashboard

  • This dashboard enables a field service manager or dispatcher to use the Resource utilization report to monitor resource utilization, bookings, and truck roll KPI.
  • They can also unpack territory insights such as fulfilling requirements with available resources, measure operation performance, and understand how resources are using their time and how each resource is performing over time compared to other groups.
  • It helps a resource scheduling optimization admin/dispatcher to do an analytical recap of each optimization request such as number of requirements, number of bookings, allocated hours, and least allocated resource.

Integration technician time tracking 

  • Customers can now track technician time in Field Service.
  • Field Service will support:
    - Automatic time capture for work orders based on booking timestamps.
    - Manual time capture.
    - Custom time capture mechanisms unique to specific business processes or needs.
  • This feature enables you to capture time actuals that capture costs from approved time entries.
  • Enables organizations to drive more accurate accounting practices and profit-loss calculations.

Field service inspections

Field Service now includes the capability to define and capture inspections. It enables customers to:

  • Create an inspection through a designer experience.
  • Associate an inspection with a work order.
  • Complete an inspection via a mobile experience.
  • Capture the inspection results for analysis or further action.

Team Goal Wave 1 Customer Service

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