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Team Goal, Release Wave, Power Automate


Professional and personal improvement is, as part of our core value "Improving", one of the central elements of CRM Partners' corporate culture. In this sense, our colleagues from the delivery department are continuously focusing on personal tasks and goals in addition to their customer projects.

As of this year, these goals are aligned with the semi-annual Release Waves for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. Our colleagues organize themselves into teams and work with their team mates on exactly those topics that interest them and contribute to their professional development. In addition, the so-called "team goals" strengthen the build-up and transfer of knowledge within the company in the long term. Thanks to the alignment to the Release Waves, we are always up to date with the latest Microsoft technology. Thus, our software developer Anagha and senior technical consultant Sascha worked on the innovations of the Release Wave 1 of Power Automate.

Microsoft Power Automate as powerful tool

Microsoft Power Automate automates menial and time-consuming tasks, enables better quality and faster execution. Using Power Automate, business processes can be simplified and managed more efficiently. In this year´s Microsoft Release Wave 1, several new features for Power Automate are introduced. In the following article we will discuss some of the new functions. All the features mentioned below are in preview mode.

New features for MS Teams collaboration and Power BI interaction

  • Start automated processes from both applications
  • Interaction far beyond the boundaries of applications, purely into the world (over 400 connectors available at Power Automate)
  • Several ways where we can use Microsoft Teams integration such as: Do the approvals in Teams, post a message on Teams, create new channel, get updates when important message posted in Teams, set up work based on Teams event
  • In Power BI interaction, users can discover and adapt workflow and automation services for business-relevant datasets and reports

Power BI Planned General Availability: July 2020 (Delivery timelines changed)

MS Teams Planned General Availability: July 2020 (Delivery timelines changed)

Power Automate

Running flows from a geofence is generally available

Geofencing simply means defining an area or a fence around a location. This provides ability to trigger Power Automate from Android or iOS device when the user’s mobile phone enters or leaves the location range.

  • The user can create a location area based on the address or latitude and perform various actions when the user enters or leaves the area.
  • The flow is executed automatically without manual intervention.
  • This can be used in several ways: Actions based on the fact that you enter or leave the office: You will be informed about customers with news and updates or receive information from social media.

General Availability: Sept. 2020


Power Automate

Instant flows in business process flow

Business process flow is a set of actions that are executed step by step in stages. These steps are part of a process that lead to a certain outcome. Power Automate can be called from any of these stages.

  • Power Automate can be used to automate repetitive tasks such as requesting approvals, tracking approvals, creating documents, etc.
  •  Only solution-oriented processes (business process flow and Power Automate must be in the same standard solution) can be added.

Planned General Availability: Sept 2020

Power Automate

Connecting from Dynamics CE to MS Teams

  • Post messages in Teams when an action takes place in Dynamics CE or Power BI
  • Respond to new sales opportunities or leads in Dynamics CE and create new teams and channels in MS Teams

  • Add team members in Teams and send messages to the team with the next steps

  • Automate Processes in customer interaction with MS Teams and Dynamics CE

Automation of inputs with UI Flows

It is possible using UI Flows to automate inputs for windows application or web application. Create a UI flow and record the steps of windows or web application that you want to automate, and then use the flow to automate the manual entries in the legacy applications.

  • There are many possible uses for the function, such as using flow for weekly timesheet entries or entering customer order information into the system
  • Improves the productivity by freeing up the end user to do the less administrative tasks
  • Improves quality, as human work is prone to errors when performing everyday tasks

General Availability: 2 April 2020

Power Automate

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