But also seniors become more demanding in the contact with their association. They like to be recognized, expect customized content and increasingly use self-service channels. Seniorweb wants to live up to these increasingly high expectations. The national office of Seniorweb is the connecting element.

Eye on all touch points

For more insight into the full member database, a 360-degree customer view and a more personal advice, the IT landscape with various stand-alone systems is replaced by Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. This makes all touch points from the complete customer journey clear. In addition, the complex event registration is assigned to the platform. Through the portal and the site, all data are accessible for 1,000,000 visitors.

The next step is that we can customize our content according to AI Mark de Ruyter | ICT manager Seniorweb


  • ‘My’ environment linked to CRM: members cannot only see and change their own data, but they can also register for events or trainings.
  • 360-degree customer view: the complete customer history is visible online.
  • Events: the full registration and administration of events is arranged in the platform.
  • Insight: the national office of Seniorweb also has real-time insight in the full member database. The complete customer journey can be monitored with one click. 


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