RentalLife Dynamics Solution

CRM Partners enables real-time sales and asset management 

With RentalLife, CRM Partners has developed a specific CRM solution for the rental industry, with which the entire rental process, including machinery, plant, equipment and vehicles, can be professionally controlled - from the preparation of offers through inventory management to the maintenance and planning of replacement investments. The new Rental Solution is optionally both portal-capable and suitable for mobile end devices and allows a detailed evaluation of the leasing business by device type, region and customer. The reporting is user-friendly and graphical.

Respond faster to inquiries

In the very fast-moving rental business, the first person to respond to an inquiry is usually the most successful. With RentalLife and its daily updated data, the sales staff can have the real inventory of a product displayed at any time for a specific point in time and immediately inform the customer whether the requested object is available for the desired period and, if necessary, also suggest an alternative. There is no need for an enquiry in the warehouse or even a time-consuming investigation. In addition, RentalLife relies on a high degree of user-friendliness: the reporting, such as which machines are rented in which period, is displayed graphically and can therefore be included very quickly and intuitively in the bidding process. If an order is generated from a quotation, the system immediately recognizes that this specific machine is no longer in the pool for the specified time. At the next query, the system displays it as unavailable.

Enabling Self-Service

RentalLife is optionally internet-/ portal-capable and can therefore be easily integrated into your website. In this way, the customer has the option of checking for himself when the desired machine is available. He can also view his own bookings at any time.

Generate a continuous cash flow

Every company in the rental business is interested in letting his rental onjects with as little idle time as possible. This is possible with the highly automated Asset Lifecycle Management of RentalLife. At the push of a button, it shows where each individual machine is currently located and when it will be available again for a new lease. Not only already booked, future rentals are taken into account, but also the times for maintenance or transport. 

Maintenance times are included

You can set regular maintenance work, such as that due after each rental, in the system for the product type, but also for the individual machine with the specific tasks and times. The system then automatically takes them into account for each new rental process. The always up-to-date information on which maintenance work is due and when are also helpful for the resource planning in maintenance.

Machinery remains up to date

Regardless of the accounting transactions, RentalLife has a function for determining depreciation. The employee responsible initially determines how the depreciation is calculated for each asset. In this way, you always know when a rental object is to be depreciated and, if necessary, replaced - with a corresponding lead time. This simplifies investment planning enormously, especially with a very large inventory, and prevents maintenance costs from rising or even the machinery from becoming obsolete.

Adapt to customer needs

With RentalLife, existing data can be evaluated quickly and easily: for example, whether certain models of a machine are more in demand than others, and which regional or seasonal differences occur when leasing the individual assets. This information helps to plan according to demand and to carry out marketing and sales activities in a targeted manner.
RentalLife gives our customers decisive competitive advantages in the often fast-moving rental business. The solution is practical and intuitive to use and thus increases professionalism and transparency in sales and asset management. Kolja Tönges, Business Manager CRM Partners



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