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Barneveld, 2 march 2020 – CRM Partners is happy to announce that together with their close partner LivePerson, they enabled DELTA Fiber Netherlands’ label Caiway to go live with Apple Business Chat. In line with Caiway’s digital strategy, this extends their digital service capabilities.  

Parent company DELTA Fiber Netherlands is a Dutch cable and fiber internet provider with over 550.000 customers. They are well known for adopting emerging technologies and they are focused on providing fiber internet on a massive scale. Delta and Caiway are their labels.


Their mission is to deliver the best service to their customers. With the rising demand for fiber internet their customer base is growing rapidly. Therefore, one of their main priorities is to fully utilize the power of messaging and automation in order to deliver an effortless customer experience to their growing number of customers. This shows their dedication on being innovative.

Committed to help create more meaningful connections, we’re proud to see one of our favorite clients launching with yet another trailblazing initiative. DELTA Fiber Netherlands’ label Caiway is now messaging with their consumers on iMessage through Apple Chat Suggest supported by their digital agent-bot Laura. Great addition to their growing “messaging channel family” with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.  Hanneke Bauer, Managing Consultant at CRM Partners

CRM Partners has been working with Caiway for three years now, helping them to transform their customer care approach. They work close together to meet customers’ expectations both online and offline. This results in efficient interactions, great customer experience and happy customer service agents. One of the key initiatives for 2020 is to move conversations from voice calls to messaging channels. 

We’re on a journey with CRM Partners to help companies to win their customers’ hearts through digital engagement. We’re proud to share that DELTA Fiber Netherlands’ label Caiway is now live on Apple’s Chat Suggest. This forward-thinking move opens up a new way to instantly connect to Caiway team, showing their dedication to meeting their customers in the conversational channel they prefer. Alan Ranger, VP Business Development at LivePerson

This successful go-live displays the strength of the partnership that CRM Partners has with LivePerson. The AI-powered conversational platform of LivePerson and CRM Partners’ customer experience expertise are a great fit to truly make a difference. Their shared mission is to perpetuate new means for companies to interact with customers in a modern way.



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