‘Just act normal, that’s crazy enough.’ No saying is so applicable to us Dutch. At least, that’s what we claim. Because when it comes to customer service, we like to be served quickly and directly. Even better: be seen and recognized. And also experience that extra step that keeps you going and makes you stay as a satisfied and loyal customer. Your strategy, culture, tooling and processes should connect with this as well.... 

Organisations that implement service excellence share the conviction that the quality of their service makes the difference, that service is not merely a matter of the customer contact centre and that service excellence pays. Obvion is such an organization. It’s currently a mortgage company turning into a customer company, building meaningful and personal relationships with customers. And we help them.

Smart technology with a human touch

A new CRM system serves as a basis for this. All customer information, contact moments and information on loans are defined centrally therein and made available to everyone in the organisation. Customisable KPIs are part of the customer’s partner strategy. Continuously thinking along, be flexible and listen to recommendations. The CRM system provides a proactive approach by automatically notifying the rise of a customer opportunity. This leads to more customization of the organisation that focuses exclusively on customer excellence.


  • Customer engagement strategy: digital possibilities for customer contact are combined with a highly emotional customer relation.
  • Focus on customer-centric KPIs: Employee Promotor Score, Customer Effort Score and NPS.
  • More insight in and grip on the individual customer journey en customer needs.
  • All customer contact moments are personalised.
  • Changes in culture and behaviour lead to customer excellence.
  • Good balance between smart techniques and human customer interactions.




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