With seven production sites, over twenty sales companies and an elaborate network of distributors and dealers, Kverneland Group is one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery in the world. The range includes machines for tillage, sowing and crop protection for the professional farmer and agricultural contractor. To be a top player is one thing, to remain on top is another. 

In the fast and innovative world of agricultural machinery it’s extremely important for first-class player Kverneland to keep a preferred position at dealers and customers.

Triangular relationship

The basis is a customer-centric strategy that focuses not only on the end customer, but specifically also on the dealers. The level of advice and knowledge in the dealer network determines customer satisfaction. And not only that. For with a consumer who walks his own path and communicates more directly with Kverneland, the communication between brand and dealer is becoming increasingly important. A triangular relationship therefore. In the current platform, the end customer is at the centre and both the entire organization and the dealer are constantly up to date with the current customer history.

The results don’t lie:

A unique experience, that’s what the platform should provide. Whether customers are in contact with the brand or the retailer or not. 

  • A full and actual customer view, anytime, anyplace, anywhere, also on mobile
  • Registration of all dealer information, including sales planning, product trainings and financial results
  • Registration of all warranty terms and understanding of all end users of its products


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