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Mahmoud Samir - Technical Consultant

Mahmoud Samir joined CRM Partners as a technical consultant in August 2019. We interviewed him to learn more about his interesting background and his way to become part of our team.

  1. How did you get the idea to start a YouTube Channel? What is your motivation and what is your channel about?

    While I lectured in the Information Technology Institute, I started recording the sessions to share them with students. The positive feedback I received encouraged me to extend my knowledge to many others who don’t attend the IT Institute. It felt great to hear that I helped some get accepted in interviews and others excel in their Dynamics CRM career, moreover helping people achieve more and guiding them as much as I can, gives a great sense of achievement. And to give some insights about my channel, I have 31 published videos, 3 playlists, 1,147 Subscribers, 50,600 views and 5,800 watching hours by the time of this interview, now I am planning to release videos in English so more people can benefit from them.


  2. You originally studied something completely different, how did you get into IT?

    Indeed, I graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy and worked for 2 years as a pharmacist, those who knew me back then still call me “doctor Mahmoud”, after a while I started reflecting on my activities, learning and challenges, there wasn’t much to learn anymore. I decided to develop my hobby into a profession which was to create websites using some basic technologies, so I applied for a scholarship in one of the most reputable IT institutions in Egypt. It was challenging to make this shift and it took time, hard work and persistence to learn something very new to me. Now many of friends and colleagues are looking up to me to make that change.


  3. How was your previous journey with Microsoft?

    In 2009, I started working as a web developer and implemented a project with Dynamics GP (an ERP system), then by 2010 I mastered working with Dynamics CRM 4.0, then I started building a team for CRM projects. I was the first one in my company to work with it and after that I shared the knowledge with my team.


  4. How many years have you been working with Microsoft products and what interests you the most?

    I have been working with Microsoft products for 11 years till the date of this interview and what interests me the most is the ability to implement huge business applications in short time using best practices, which is provided by Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform frameworks.


  5. How did you come to CRM Partners in Germany?

    Germany was a main destination for me as it holds many opportunities, though learning the language was a challenge but I managed to grasp enough to start applying for job interviews. It wasn’t an easy process nor a short one, finding a good working environment in a new country takes time and effort, then after a few interviews with CRM Partners I felt that this is a place where I belong.


  6. What do you enjoy most about your work?

    I enjoy meeting colleagues, discussing designs, knowledge transfer sessions, solving challenging tasks and the way we learn and develop our skills.


  7. How do you like working and living in Germany? What are the differences compared to the past?

I have travelled and implemented projects in 10 countries across Asia and Africa, I have met people from different culture. Germany, as I have noticed, appreciates hard workers and those who are eager to learn, develop and seek the latest technologies, besides it is child-friendly which is a great advantage for families.