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Denmark based Microsoft partner ProActive has joined Fellowmind, Europe’s leading platform for Microsoft Business Applications. Best-known for its work for Danish and global customers – such as Vestas, ISS, Danish Defense, COWI and Grundfos – the ProActive team is the first organization with digital workplace technology expertise to join the Fellowmind platform.

“We cherish the journey we have been taking so far, in our desire to step-up our game, we came across Fellowmind. In our conversations, we were convinced by the similarities in values, energy and ambition” explains ProActive founder Max Sejbæk. “The needs of our customers are becoming increasingly more complex. Joining Fellowmind and being able to extend our range of services is a perfect answer to this.”

ProActive is the fourth Microsoft partner to merge in this European platform. In partnership with FSN Capital V1, Fellowmind recently joined forces with the Swedish company Orango and the Finnish company eCraft. Fellowmind is today represented in five countries and employs over 1,250 people – and continues to grow. The companies that are part of Fellowmind have their own, specific profile and identity next to being a full member of the Fellowmind family.

Our strategic vision is to deploy a balanced portfolio of Microsoft Business Applications and Digital Workplace technology over the next five years. Next to their strong position in business applications, ProActive is a leading partner in the field of Microsoft’s Modern Workplace. Uniting forces with our data and business applications experts brings our service portfolio to a next level. From the first introduction, we have been excited about ProActive, as it is a well-respected company and we share the same values and ambition. I am looking forward to work together with the team. Emiel Putman, CEO Fellowmind

Fellowmind acquires 100% of the shares in ProActive and current shareholders and management will become shareholders in Fellowmind. Thanks to Fellowmind’s Employee Investment Program, all employees have the possibility to become shareholders in Fellowmind. Next to his current role as CEO of ProActive, Max Sejbæk will enter Fellowmind’s executive team as regional director. Preben Damgaard, former chairman of the board at ProActive will join Fellowmind’s Board of Directors.

The transaction is subject to approval from the competition authorities.

About Fellowmind

Fellowmind sees connections between people at the core of a digital future. In their vision, technology is the enabler of meaningful connections. They believe it’s about making digital interactions feel more human, intuitive, and more personal. And that, thanks to automation, people can spend less time working on repetitive and manual tasks. So they can use digital technology to create time and space to have more valuable and meaningful connections. Fellowmind has grown into a group of seven business units: CRM Partners BV, CRM Partners AG, Pulse, AXtension, Endeavor, eCraft, Orango and as of today ProActive. Their offices are located in Sweden, the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark and Germany. Fellowmind has 1.250 employees and a total turnover of 175 million euro. Read more: www.fellowmindcompany.com

About ProActive

ProActive’s vision is to drive transformation, adoption and performance for ambitious organizations. ProActive is a leading Danish Microsoft partner with 250 employees and a turnover of 40 million euro. ProActive was founded in 1997 and has since grown into a full service company offering the full breadth and depth of Microsoft products and services. Read more: www.proactive.dk

About FSN Capital

Established in 1999, FSN Capital is a leading private equity adviser in the Northern European region with €2125 million under management. FSN Capital is supported by a broad range of leading Nordic and international institutions who share our long-term perspective. Investors provide the FSN Capital Funds with sustainable and patient capital that allows us time to implement our transformation initiatives and create sustainable, long-term change within the FSN Capital Funds’ portfolio companies. Read more: www.fsncapital.com


1 FSN Capital GP V Limited acting in its capacity as general partner for and on behalf of each of FSN Capital V L.P., FSN Capital V (B) L.P. and FSN Capital V Invest L.P.