Connect people with each other. Always and everywhere. That's what Fortune wants to achieve with her coffee. For about 60 entrepreneurs within 27 branches they match the needs of more than 10,000 consumers. We help to make Fortune popular with their customers with a new solution: Mobile CRM. It gives the customer relationship a boost.   

Mobile solution

Always all digital customer data at hand through a mobile device turns customer service into an attractive experience. Whether you are onsite as an employee in Groningen, or with an entrepreneur in Maastricht. All entrepreneurs of Fortune work with the same system, which makes the customer experience leading in all activities. By exchanging experiences digitally they learn from each other in order to serve the customer even better. Because coffee connects and the customers’ wishes are key. Short lines, clear communication and personal contact, that’s what takes you further. 


  • Greatly improved customer relations: by rapid understanding of planning, billing, calendar, inventory, orders and sales opportunities
  • Automatic synchronization to the online environment
  • Automatic tuning of customers’ wishes and experiences between entrepreneurs
  • Completely in the cloud
  • More data to support strategic decisions
  • The number of errors is reduced to zero

In case an entrepreneur falls out, all the experience and knowledge remains available online.