Voluntary organisation De Zonnebloem is by far the largest event organizer in the Netherlands for people with physical disabilities: 1.3 million visits to 72,500 people and 150,000 participants in excursions, events and other daytime activities every year. The National Bureau Breda is supported by 12 provincial branches, 144 regional branches and 1209 local branches.  

More than 43,000 volunteers contribute to the daily mission of De Zonnebloem, while some 590,000 donors make the services possible. The voluntary organisation experiences that relationship management becomes more of a task for all employees, from the department of holidays to the field staff and the marketing and communications department.

Personalisation is essential

Responding to the needs of participants, volunteers, donors and departments across the country is possible again for De Zonnebloem as the time-consuming trudge through all kinds of systems is now a thing of the past, observes Ans Verstraeten, head of operations at the organisation. 
It is important now to think carefully about the membership of the future and the needs of the target group. It turned out that we needed a new CRM system for that. This new system plus range of ideas enable us to work on a much more detailed level now. We have identified the complete history of participants and volunteers and can now offer better support at the activities. At one glance we see the steps taken for our relations and we have an instant 360-degree customer view. Precisely this takes service to the next level and that’s what volunteers, donors and participants enjoy. Finally, the cooperation between departments increases by the integration of the new CRM system with the ‘My Zonnebloem’ environment, as we are all aware of the current situation now. Because of this connection, relationships don’t only view and change their own data now, but they can also opt in or out for activities in their own region. They can see per region what kind of events are taking place in the near future and indicate which participants will attend the activity. Everyone in the organisation was free to contribute ideas on how to deal with the data. We all agreed on one thing: personalisation is essential for future success and ensures engagement with participants, volunteers and donors. With communication and the positive experiences that relations have with us, we can make a difference. Ans Verstraeten, head of operations


  • Organisation-wide platform that connects the front office and other departments with participants, volunteers and donors.
  • In the My environment, relations can view and change their own data and voluntary activities.