• Internal buy-in

    Before you start with the implementation of a mobile CRM app it is enormously important that you first obtain internal buy-in from your sales and service workers. They are the people who will be using the mobile apps most. Experience has shown that the implementation and learning to work with it is a question of instructions, sharing knowledge, training and just doing it. Allow workers to experience the productivity benefit by working with mobile CRM apps. A good mobile application will make the workers enthusiastic about CRM, which promotes the implementation and acceptance of the system. Not only giving, but also receiving.
  • Getting started

    Free gadgets make everybody happy. Make sure that you deliver the devices to the teams personally, with the required CRM apps already installed so that users can get started straight away. Use this momentum. Microsoft Dynamics 365 supplies free apps for Windows 8 telephones and tablets. An easy choice as far as we are concerned. Would you still prefer it on other devices? The various app stores are bursting with good Microsoft CRM apps.
  • The user-friendliness of mobile apps

    Are your workers always online? Sales workers will seldom use all CRM functions completely through their app. Make sure that there are as few steps as possible to the relevant information. They can always process other information when they return to the office. The essential data must still be available offline. Carefully consider the security of data and set up effective management so that workers can continue to work in a stable and secure environment. Once you have gone mobile, you never want anything else!