What about getting such an email from the publisher of your favorite magazine? You will obviously be upset and start calling your provider. And than they say: We're so sorry, something went wrong in our test system and it was accidently sending out emails when our testers entered a case record… I think this company could be happy when you don't notify the privacy authority!

But, now it's your turn. Is your test environment still a full copy of your production system? You are not the only one… So many companies still have production data in their test systems (agree, this is obviously the most representative test database). Of course, you have defined your checklists and processes for building test systems. So you won't fall into this pitfall, right? Yes, are you sure?

It is important to be aware that, with the GDPR regulation in Europe, it is not allowed to use your customers' personal data for test purposes. And even if you were allowed, you'd still want to avoid this kind of potentially negative 'Customer Engagement', right?

Wouldn't it be nice to have your test environment identical to your production system, but without any personal information? That's actually the best of both worlds: it fully respects your customer's privacy with no risk for data breaches or unintended emails being send out. And all data is fully representative, enabling testers to perform complex test scenario's on real life data, including performance tests.

Okay, you are still reading; seems that you are interested to learn how CRM Partners Anonymization can help you scrambling your test environment in four steps:

  1. Install the app from the Microsoft AppSource and try it out for free.

  2. Do you like it? Purchase a license.

  3. Adjust the standard configuration to exactly fit your specific needs and test it on a limited set of record

  4. Execute a scrambling run over the whole database

And… you're done. Testing has never been so safe.