Personal relations with members determine the future of associations. Members are also looking for digital convenience, fast access to new information, a personal file and data exchange. In short: an end to the paper flow. 

Digitisation has a great effect on the organisation and administration of many associations. To gain and keep members, to keep member fees, donations and subsidies, to constantly keep improving the quality of the activities and remain popular amongst erratic consumers. For they are the focus of attention, they want added value and relevant information, and they want to experience personal, service-oriented customer journeys. To retain them, they need to be free from obstacles in the back office, impersonal communication and narrow-minded staff.

Personal support

MembersLab actively contributes to the representation of individual interests, personal support, facilitating meetings and customized news by branch organisations, associations, unions, fundraisers, consumer organisations and independent administrative bodies. Only then members can be heard and acknowledged and experience sincere attention. 

The organisation of responsible and sustainable operations, sustainovation, determines the future of associations. Cooperation and co-creation with members and relations result in new services and products. The modern special interest organisation is represented in politics, knows how to lobby and has access to funding.

Members Apps

CRM Partners supports these goals by the use of technology and systems, but especially by stimulating human interaction across the entire chain. In MembersLab we share experiences and innovation takes place together with our customers, partners and relations.

For this purpose we offer solutions that can be quickly implemented on the Microsoft platform, joined in standard Members Apps. Purpose of the following solutions is a well-organized picture of your members and relations with which the entire customer experience is supported.

  • Registration of memberships, donations and participation in networks
  • Insight in contact moments across all channels
  • Interaction and selection by campaigns, newsletters, social media, events and contact centres
  • Cooperation through portals, projects and networks
  • Offering services, subscriptions, certifications and products 

Seniorweb lives up to high expectations
SGR averse to financial fuss
De Zonnebloem brightens services


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De Zonnebloem brightens services

Voluntary organisation De Zonnebloem is by far the largest event organizer in the Netherlands for people with physical disabilities: 1.3 million visits to 72,500 people and 150,000 participants in excursions, events and other daytime activities every year. The National Bureau Breda is supported by 12 provincial branches, 144 regional branches and 1209 local branches.  

Seniorweb lives up to high expectations

But also seniors become more demanding in the contact with their association. They like to be recognized, expect customized content and increasingly use self-service channels. Seniorweb wants to live up to these increasingly high expectations. The national office of Seniorweb is the connecting element.

SGR averse to financial fuss

Suppose the travel organisation you've just booked a holiday with is heading towards bankruptcy. One piece of luck: the organisation turns out to be connected to Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden (SGR). This travel compensation fund guarantees more than 4.5 billion euros of prepaid travel money each year, spread over about 2000 travel agencies in the Netherlands with an SGR guarantee.