Digitisation is the main priority of insurance companies and banks. The customer has a consistent need for support anytime, anyplace and anywhere. For companies that didn’t grow online, the transition to omnichannel is hard work.

More comfortable, faster and safer

Data management, system integration and artificial intelligence are priorities. Consumers and entrepreneurs have become more critical and new competition is looming. It’s impossible to think about business without new and transparent services and products, 24/7 servicing, mobile support, digital payments and the rise of blockchain. Technology dominates the top 10 priorities on the management agendas in the financial sector. 

Digital transformation

This digital transformation, accelerated by new FinTechs, never stands alone. Successful newcomers make the customer journey more comfortable, faster and safer. The basic thought is a better and more personal interaction with the customers, online as well as offline. Digital when possible, human when required. At the right moment with the right employee and the right offer. Because you have a good picture of the way your customer communicates online and offline, how technology optimally supports him and the moment when human added value is required. That is what customer engagement is about.


CRM Partners supports this by the use of technology and systems and by stimulating human interaction across the entire chain. In FinanceLab we share experiences and we innovate, together with our customers, partners and relations. For this purpose, we offer solutions that can be quickly implemented: 

  • We move data to the cloud to operate faster and more agile.
  • We involve customers with the process through portals, apps, social media, process workflows and dialogues.
  • We register relations and provide insight into the entire chain and all customer contact moments.
  • We increase the value of data and customer contact moments with artificial intelligence (machine learning) and business intelligence.
  • Chatbots support customers in taking important financial decisions and numerous applications.
  • We enable interaction with campaigns, newsletters, social media and events.
  • And we stimulate a uniform customer experience by offering financial service providers a transparent and accessible customer view for the customer and the intermediary.

ABN AMRO makes strategy customer-centric
Obvion transforms into a customer company


Any questions on customer engagement in Finance? Contact Aad, our Manager FinanceLab.

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ABN AMRO makes strategy customer-centric

The confidence of the people in the banking sector has gotten a nasty knock a few years ago. The call for more transparent and understandable products hasn’t gone by unnoticed. Today the bank mainly acts in the interest of the customer and does not focus only on it self or the products anymore. ABN AMRO Hypotheken Groep (Mortgage Group) and ABN AMRO International noticed that early on and now work on a customer-centric strategy.

Obvion transforms into a customer company

‘Just act normal, that’s crazy enough.’ No saying is so applicable to us Dutch. At least, that’s what we claim. Because when it comes to customer service, we like to be served quickly and directly. Even better: be seen and recognized. And also experience that extra step that keeps you going and makes you stay as a satisfied and loyal customer. Your strategy, culture, tooling and processes should connect with this as well....