Dynamics 365 turns large, expensive and lengthy CRM processes into things of the past. The great advantage of Dynamics 365 is that you begin limited, achieve quick results, and that you only pay for the functionality you need. 

With over 200 registered implementation projects, Microsoft Dynamics 365 doesn’t hold any secrets for us. Therefore, your Customer Engagement goals are in good hands. With our implementation, you experience all the advantages of Dynamics 365. And not only that. Based on years of market-specific experience, we add future-proof services. Services you may not have thought of yet, but do invite you to go that extra mile.

We support your business on the spot, save you from lengthy implementation processes and help you within a couple of weeks to have quick wins through better sales, marketing and service activities. This brings more profitability to your organisation thanks to more extraordinary customer experiences. A win-win game!


We believe in the Microsoft platform. The innovations of Microsoft Dynamics are in line with the digital transformation that organizations have to deal with. Dynamics 365 offers a scalable, flexible and online CRM platform with standard functionalities in apps that you can easily switch on and off. These parts, like Dynamics for Sales, Marketing, Field Service or Customer service, optimally support your business processes. Customization is possible, but the Microsoft technology approach keeps it simple and controllable at all times.

Project approach

In the past 13 years we have found an approach that offers organizations a lot of functionality in a short time in a way that we can go ‘live’ quickly. The approach has a number of predefined phases: foundation, realization and management. Important moments include the kick-off, when we start the project with the joint project team, and the ‘Go Live’, the day that we implement the technology. In between, we do everything possible to recognize, understand and exceed your true needs. 

Customer-focused strategy

We start with some strategic advice based on the knowledge we acquire about your organization and the playing field. It’s not so much about technology. We look at your organizational goals, the customer processes and the culture of the organization. From that point on, we support your organization and in realizing your customer-focused strategy. Then we start mapping the technology. Sometimes we modify the processes, and other times the technology: together we decide.


Getting a user to embrace a solution is an important success factor for the project. Understanding the added value and a considerable user-friendliness are decisive factors for a smooth transition to the new system. That is why we develop special adoption plans for your organization. We are involved in communication concerning the change and give Change Management and User Adoption workshops to attain the desired, customer-focused behavior. In addition, we are the only Microsoft-certified training center in The Netherlands with two dedicated trainers involved in Dynamics 365 training. 


We realize that the technology we create together has one very important goal: to enable the end user to recognize, understand and exceed the customer’s expectations. The success of the platform therefore depends on its user-friendliness. We stay as close as possible to the standard technology, but we also keep a close eye on user acceptance. Our User Experience Designers make sure the end-users can see the information they need at the moment they need it, without any distractions. 

Support & Innovation

We stay close, also towards the end of the project. That phase, our HyperCare phase, is even very important. Are there any problems we can easily solve? Our Support & Innovation team is there for you. We support you in case of incidents, new Microsoft releases, maintenance, and we like to give the speed of technology a boost. In addition, we like to work on innovations for your organization. Can we, for example, add a new business process to the CRM? Are you looking for a marketing solution or do you want to get started with chats? We like to contribute to these processes.


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