Winning your customers' digital minds and analogue hearts

Connections between people are at the core of our digital future. It’s about making digital interactions feel more human, intuitive, and more personal. Thanks to messaging and automation, both agents and consumers can spend less time working on repetitive and manual tasks. We’re on a mission together with our customers to use digital technology to create time and space to have more valuable and meaningful connections.

At CRM Partners we’re constantly looking to make our customers more loved by theirs. It’s our mission to help companies to have better conversations with their customers and to win their hearts through digital engagement. We see technology as the enabler of better human connections and our goal is to make people enjoy working with technology and make technology work for them.

Shifting to digital channels

Shifting your interactions to digital channels is what our Online Engagement consultants help our customers with on a daily basis. We help over 30 of the most forward thinking brands in Europe to drive more digital value in their customer interactions. All these companies have different goals, different challenges and their own set of ambitions. Whether that’s lowering the costs per contact or reaching a higher agent efficiency, both need a different strategy and approach to meet your company goals by driving more digital customer engagement.

Seamless channel experiences

Today’s consumers expectations of interacting with brands grow bigger and bigger. They want the easiest route to an answer, quick, personal, anywhere and anytime. And through their channels of choice like WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook Messenger and voice assistants. Preferably they don’t even want to contact you at all. That shift in consumer behavior has been the start of the needed shift in customer interactions too. That’s when our Digital Customer Experiences team comes in.

Digital value at scale

Online customer engagement allows you to deliver value to your customers. More so, it allows you to do so at scale. Our consultants help to set up roadmaps filled with step-by-step actionable and measurable changes. They guide you all the way whether that’s helping management teams to understand the added value, create business cases or if it’s hands-on being onsite with your operational teams. All their efforts are focused on making sure you’re successfully transforming your call centers to digital engagement centers where messaging and automation are the core of your interactions.

Measure & capture value

Reporting on messaging is different as opposed to the known callcenter KPi’s like average handling time. Furthermore, online engagement allows you to measure and make use of value more efficiently, by connecting the right metrics to the right people.

With their many years of expertise in customer care, our consultants can share loads of lessons learned and are equipped with best practices from various projects and customers from all around the world. For example; they know all about steering on new KPI’s like resolved conversations per labor hour. As reporting on messaging is different as opposed to the known voice KPI’s like average handling time. Also if you want to know more about on how you can shift existing voice traffic towards messaging and how our customers have already seen a deflection of 28%, proven cost reductions and more happy agents and customer, we’re happy to share!  

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