Drones checking the crops, machines completely autonomously tilling the soil: the agri market professionalizes at breakneck speed. Farmers and growers demand good and fast service. As a supplier, you want to be able to find a customized answer to ad hoc needs.

We aim for more and better food without the need for more resources and with an eye for the welfare of human beings and animals. After all, the world population and welfare increase together with the need for food – until 2015 by 60 percent! The challenges that the agri market faces are big, just like the solutions we can offer suppliers: digital innovations, based on a wealth of present data, and human interactions taking root. 

Knowledge networks

Innovative technologies contribute to more effective and efficient production methods. Think of the use of drones for crop optimisation, sensors for preventive maintenance of agricultural machines, pattern recognition in vegetation, the use of meteorological and geographical data and self-propelled transport.

Cooperation across the entire chain is essential to be able to apply knowledge about this. Farmers, suppliers, cooperatives, logistics, finance, retail and the consumer together make knowledge networks and share data and new insights to enable improvement of business operations. Meanwhile, the way of working changes and new players take over.  


AgriLab actively contributes to the economic, ecological and social sustainability of agriculture and food production. We do this by using technology and systems, but especially by stimulating human interaction across the chain. Sharing knowledge with customers, partners and relations is the basis for further innovation and product development. CRM Partners offers solutions that can be quickly implemented on the Microsoft platform to create a well-organized customer view: 

  • Relation registration and insight in the entire chain
  • Understanding of contact moments across all channels
  • Sharing knowledge on platforms, through portals and networks
  • Commercial understanding of R&D activities and results
  • Optimisation of logistics (for example with planning, locators and field service)
  • Applications of big data, business intelligence and machine learning
  • Interaction with campaigns, newsletters, social media, events and contact centres

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