360˚customer view

What do you know about you customer? What does he dream of and what keeps him awake? Which data provide real added value and give you the customer insight to improve marketing, sales and services?

Customer Service

Would you like more daily compliments, ideas and orders? Invest in customer service and make sure the customer really understand you. Develop a client-centred vision, mission and strategy and offer extraordinary customer experiences.

Sales Automation

Current account or prospect, as a sales employee you want to have an up-to-date picture of your relations. Because you want to add value. Meaning: sell smarter to increasingly smarter customers. 

Inbound marketing

More traffic and the right leads, who doesn't want that? By knowing the exact needs of your target group, you define the right content together and work on sustainable connections. That’s a way to constructively build up a strong brand.

Customer Insight

Do you know what moves your target group, what their elementary customer needs are and why they sincerely want to do business with you?

Online Engagement

Customers and prospects use more and more online channels in contact with organisations and expect an identical experience through every channel. 

Voice of the Customer

Assign customer feedback to the right department, make improvements and bring back the results at customers and employees; that is a customer-centric culture. 

Business Transformation

Tooling should not only solve problems, preferably proactively, but also improve the customer experience. That asks for a customer-oriented mindset, organisation and culture.

Case story: Obvion Mortgages

How mortgage lender Obvion transformed in a customer centric company.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence brings you closer to your customers in an effective and efficient way. Profound artificial-intelligence expertise helps to transfer structured and unstructured data from mixed sources into new and useful insights.

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