Are you ready for a new challenge? Before you apply, you should ideally think about the following points:
Every job and every employer is just a bit different. Therefore, first think about your actual motivation and your goals. Only then do you have a good chance to find your ideal job. Thinking carefully about your search for a new job is the key to success. Then you have to prepare a good application "only".

What should the ideal employer offer you to give you a good feeling?

  • What are your greatest qualities and in which areas would you like to develop further?
  • In which position would you be able to imagine well and in which direction should your career go?
  • What motivates and inspires you the most (success, monetary reward, social aspects or free time outside work)?
  • What are your salary expectations and how flexible are you with regard to your salary?

What are the most important ingredients?

There are a number of things that we pay attention to when you apply for a job with us. Below we share some of the most important things with you.

Structure in your CV
A well-structured CV with your contact details, work experience, expertise and skills is very important, for example. Recruiters must be able to contact you easily. It is also nice if you clearly state how and when we can best reach you.

Motivation letter
An expressive motivation letter in the form of a separate letter or e-mail. This text may not be too long. Again, quality for quantity!

Out-of-the-box thinking pays off!
Imagine that you receive a large number of applications every day. Can you later remember people who are less creative or who score with exceptional design and personal information? Ultimately recruiters are simply people who like to read something exciting.

Nice-to-Haves - What recruiters like to see

  • Professional photo
  • Well-structured layout - not too crowded and easy to read
  • Information about you as a person, about your passions and hobbies
  • Blog, website, YouTube or other platforms where you are active
  • Short summary about you

It is best to start with self-reflection. Because only those who know exactly what they are looking for can find their ideal challenge. Determine in which direction your career should go and then send your application. Quality is more than quantity - shows what you can do!

What is important to us?

We make informed decisions when looking for new colleagues. We are looking for motivated talents and experts who regard their field of work as a kind of passion - just like us. We want to see that you are aiming for a goal.

Besides your experience, we are particularly interested in you personally, because we aim for a long-term cooperation. A good fit with the team is very important to us, just be yourself! We set ambitious goals and do our best to reach them, but we also find it very important to have fun.



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