Our values

We highly value our culture. This is who we are and how we interact with each other. Our team consists of people who have been carefully selected based on this culture. Do you work for CRM Partners? That means that you are part of these core values.

Open & Honest

Good collaboration only succeeds when we are open and honest. This creates a safe environment with understanding and trust. You engage people with your story and explain to them how you have  come to certain solutions. What’s going well and what might be better? Give and take feedback to help each other grow.


We love growth and challenges. Our ambition keeps us alert and innovative. Not only within our own organization, but also together with our customers. Your drive to develop yourself is crucial to your own growth and that of the organization. You therefore grasp the opportunity  to optimally use your own talents.


With a little extra effort, we make our work a pleasure. There is always room for humor and memorable experiences. Singing on birthdays, celebrating success with cake and champagne, or starting a kick-off with our client: we think it’s important to have lots of fun.


We like to work together. With each other, with our partners and with our customers. And we always assume equality. That’s our basis for exchanging information and achieving goals. For help and advice, you can always turn to each other.

Caroline | Transformation consultant

"CRM Partners has 100% confidence in all employees. You get all the space to discover, make mistakes, learn to develop the course and to grow within the organization. But above all, and I think that's the most important, it's a nice employer with a good atmosphere and lots of fun."