Our Circle to Success starts with you: our passionate colleague.

Passionate colleagues take that extra step for the customer. You provide the customer experience that ensures that we become loved by our customers. As a result, the customer stays longer, buys more and recommends the organization to others. This leads to a sustainable, profitable relationship. We invest this profit in knowledge and innovation with which we feed your enthusiasm and come full circle again.

Flow, vitality and work-life balance

Inspiration comes from vitality and dedication to your work; you enter a flow state. And you’re vital when you feel fit and energetic at work. You enjoy your work without compromising health or free time. You enjoy life in many ways. We cherish and guard this balance together. Every year we measure the team’s enthusiasm and actively work with managers and colleagues on themes that require our attention.

Personal Leadership Program

Your enthusiasm is very important to us, which is why every new colleague enters a Personal Leadership Program (PLP). In this program, we change your 8 into a 10. Because working on and from your talent gives you energy and helps our organization to grow. That is why you formulate your objectives in the HRD cycle based on your talents, and you work on your values and talents, development and autonomy with a group of colleagues outside of the office for two days every two years.

Circle to success

We believe in our 'Circle to success'. This circle starts and ends with passionate colleagues. To become a passionate, you need a work environment that inspires just that.