If you apply for a position at CRM Partners, we read your application carefully and focus on you and your talents and the way you would like to develop them.

We are equal parties: you are looking for a new home, we are looking for a new team member. We highly value openness and honesty, also when it comes to your application. That is why we like to share our approach to this with you.

Your motivation is the first step

Our first contact can be anything: a colleague that recommends you, the outcome of our search on LinkedIn, an appealing post or message on social media. We are very interested in your motivation to apply. You can express this in an email, or a video, a hand-written letter or a LinkedIn message. These are all channels we like, as long as we get to know you well enough. Is your dream job not in our list of vacancies, but you do think we could be a good match? Don’t hesitate to call us. 

An introduction that suits you

When we see our culture and your experience and incentives come together, we will call you to hear your voice and answer your questions. At your current job, we understand it may be difficult to talk to us as a potential new employer. In that case, we can always try to reach you after work. Maybe in the car of cooking a pasta in the evening. 

Getting to know each other

Does our phone call with you make us happy? Then we invite you to talk to our recruiter and a relevant colleague. In this time, we particularly like to get to know you and tell you about who we are and what we do. If we enjoyed a first meeting with you, we’ll mail you a more detailed work-related personality questionnaire in which wrong answers are no option: the outcome gives us both an impression of your underlying motives and values, which we will then discuss in a second meeting. 

Your contract

Do we leave the second meeting with a good feeling? Then this will be quickly followed by our offer. If we reach an agreement, we’ll sign your new contract before you know it. We take a nice picture to introduce you to the team and the countdown to your first working day can begin!


Contact Marieke! She'll be happy to help you.