Many organisations now also recognize that the customer journey starts long before the first contact moment. Pre-shopping before buying, it’s called. Or: the zero moment of truth. It’s certain that more and more customer journeys start online. Customers like to be self-sufficient and go online for personal assistance via proactive chat and also messaging.

That asks for a flexible and strong platform where customers and employees have effective and efficient contact. Communications via apps and social platforms take place through mobile devices and ask for another approach. LivePerson offers a mobile-first platform and is also designed to optimally support a-synchronous communication.

The rise of chatbots asks for a ‘seamless’ connection with human customer contact; LivePerson enables organisations to use chatbots as agents and achieve the perfect integration with an optimal customer experience. Why chat, why messaging?

  • Customers appreciate easy access to direct and personal contact (1:1).
  • They are already used to WhatsApp and Messenger for personal, private contact.
  • The response time is fairly short.
  • The customer interaction is not publicly visible, compared to social media channels.
  • More personal and friendly communication.



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