An optimal customer experience by the smart use of data

Our experts help optimizing and innovating service with the use of data analytics 

Data plays a crucial role in customer experience. Both customers and employees expect to have the right information quickly, as well as relevant and personal advice. With data analytics, our experts help you to gain insight into the needs of your customers. This contributes to a better service.

We use standard applications as much as possible and add our experience and knowledge to achieve future-proof and low-maintenance solutions that offer value. We do this with cloud-based solutions by Microsoft and with the help of Artificial Intelligence techniques. We use Power BI, Azure Big Data and Analytics, Cognitive Services and the Azure Bot Service, amongst others. With these solutions, our experts make data to work for you and provide insights and some predictive power. A small layer of intelligence can already have a major impact on customer experience and service. The result is more productive employees and customers who love you.

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